Oh hey, we live here!

When I first moved to DC, my roommates and I would regularly exclaim “Oh hey, we live here!” at various moments when we couldn’t actually believe we were residing in the District of Columbia. Walking past the Capitol, all lit up at night, on our way back from happy hour on the Hill… “Oh hey, we live here!” Celebrating Obama’s inauguration with festivities that lasted all week. Navigating Capitol Police blockades en route home during the State of the Union address. Meeting friends for coffee at their Senate offices. Bernie Sanders holding the door at the corner market in the neighborhood. Watching sunsets over the Mall or the Presidential motorcade flash by or Marine One land on the South Lawn while stuck in Constitution Ave traffic. Watching Supreme Court news unfold live on TV, just a few blocks away from where we were sitting in our living room. Riding bikes to games at Nats Stadium or over to the Tidal Basin during cherry blossom season. “Oh hey, we live here!” We were so impressed and in awe of our new hometown. Little was taken for granted.

I’ve moved many times since leaving D.C. And when I do, I still find myself exclaiming “Oh hey, we live here!” as I discover new things to appreciate about my newest home.  Mountains and ferry rides that never lost their novelty in Washington. Spanish moss covered live oaks and real southern comfort food in Georgia.  Driving through the rough and rundown streets of Baltimore and hammering blue crabs at picnic tables on the Chesapeake Bay. Lewis and Clark’s Missouri River and the old Oregon trail a stone’s throw from our house in Kansas. Massive amounts of snow and huge mansions on tiny islands in Northern New York.


Wherever you are, there’s always something to appreciate. Let yourself discover (or rediscover!) and be in awe.  Keep your eyes open, whether you’ve lived in the same place for 3 years, a lifetime, or just a few months. If you ever get bored, look around, and remind yourself, “Oh hey, we live here!”.


What are some of the things that make your corner of the world unique?

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