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I recently went through a couple of old boxes my mom had given me as she cleaned out her basement. They contained items from my past like my kindergarten report card, trinkets I had collected, pictures I drew and my high school graduation cap. There were also a couple of essays I had written, from first grade on up. It was fun to read these because as I did, I noticed a theme: the vast majority of them all talked about places my family and I had been, sights I had seen, experiences I had. It was amazing to reconnect with my prior self, and discover I had always been fascinated with the great big world. Memories came back of the excitement I felt anticipating an upcoming trip and sharing about it with my elementary school class when I returned. Or, how one of my favorite books to check out from the library as a kid had been about children living in different cultures around the world.  It was a little moment of clarity. Which sounds so simple, but as life moves and changes seasons, can actually be difficult to see.

As I currently embrace a closer-to-home season of life, I keep thinking back on all the things I’ve done, places I’ve explored, experiences I have had, and find myself wanting to document these things.  Because I’ve done a lot and I’ve already found some of these adventures slipping away. But also, because if there’s anyone out there who, like me, can’t get enough of planet earth, that person may be inspired, or find useful information, so that they can get out there and do their own exploring.

So, I want to ask, what gets you going?  Are you like me, and just love to explore and appreciate the world around both near and far? Brush up on your past and get in touch with a side of yourself you may have forgotten. Reflect on where you’ve been, where you are, and the direction in which you want your life to continue. You may surprise yourself with your own moment of inspirational clarity. I found a lot of peace in that moment of simple self re-discovery. I am so excited to start this blog, in order to have a designated space to reflect on the many places I’ve been, and things I’ve seen and done, as well as celebrate and document the adventures I will continue to have as life moves on. Because whether its in your hometown, or a plane ride away, there’s always more to explore.


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