the Preakness Stakes

I’m doing a 180 here and switching gears entirely. Throwing it back NINE whole freaking years to 2010 and the 135th running of the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore. I refuse to believe this much time has passed. In fact, I was legitimately surprised when I did the math. This must be […]

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french lemonade

After writing my last post, I started thinking about other travel snafus I have had to overcome. There was the time my brand new car was hit by a tour bus in DC four days before I was going to pack it up and move cross-country and one day before I was heading out of […]

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Oh hey, we live here!

When I first moved to DC, my roommates and I would regularly exclaim “Oh hey, we live here!” at various moments when we couldn’t actually believe we were residing in the District of Columbia. Walking past the Capitol, all lit up at night, on our way back from happy hour on the Hill… “Oh hey, […]

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Rideau Canal Skateway

Anyone sick of winter yet? We are going on our fifth straight day of nonstop snow over here. Not to mention those subzero temps everyone’s talking about. Now don’t get me wrong, I put in my fair share of complaints regarding the ice and snow and long months of cold temperatures, but snowy scenes are […]

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