Emma CW overlooking Old Town Vilnius at Gedminas Tower


Hi! I’m Emma. My purpose here is to help you get out there! There is nothing I’m more excited about than helping you plan your adventures for yourself, and your family. My aim is to give you the tools, info, and expertise you need in order to inspire you to confidently go explore your world (and bring your kids with you). 

On my website you’ll find insight, itineraries, takeaways, tips, trips, gear, advice and anything else that pertains to travel and exploration for real life. This is also where I share our own adventures at home and away. Most of our recent trips are “family friendly” in that we’ve done them with our kids, both on and off the beaten path. But if you think family travel sounds boring, think again! Work, yes. But never boring. Trust me, if we can do it, you can do it! You’ll find ideas and inspiration on my website that will help you get out and explore in all seasons of life. 

Exploring is so important in today’s world. It’s not just about seeing the sights, having a great time, and posting about it on social media. We explore to gain a deeper understanding of our world, each other, and ourselves, in order to be changed by our experiences, live with greater empathy towards each other and our planet and leave the world a better place for our kids. Let’s dig deeper together. I believe there’s so much more to explore.

My family and I moved to Poland in Summer 2019, where we will be living and exploring for a few years! I have two little boys, Miles and Max and one husband, Brandon. Before our big move abroad, I’ve lived in, or traveled to, practically all corners of the USA. As of March 2021 I’ve visited 49 out of 50 states (Alaska, I’m coming for you) and have traveled to 22 countries (mostly with my husband and two boys). I’m a registered nurse-turned-professional mom by trade and have always had a healthy curiosity about the world and enthusiasm for adventure. The more I explore, the more I discover, but the more I discover, the more I want to know. It’s a vicious cycle. I believe in taking leaps of faith, satisfying curiosity and living fearlessly. I try to live by the 2015 live action Cinderella quote, “Have courage, and be kind”. I believe that traveling as a family nurtures bonds that last a lifetime. 

If you have questions, or would like to know more info about any of the topics, or places I write about, please please comment, or drop me a line through the Contacts page! I would love to hear from you. Thanks for exploring with me. See ya out there!

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