The morning we traveled from Rome to Venice, I have to be honest, I was a little “slow” from the bottle of wine in the piazza that we called “dinner” the night before. I misread the departure time on our itinerary. I misread this days before, actually, and had the incorrect time memorized. I wasn’t […]

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nuns and bikes in rome

The best souvenir I have ever received was a kiss from a toothless old nun on my way out of Rome. Did you know, there are convents and monasteries, scattered around Italy, and actually, the world, that operate bed and breakfasts? After our time in Nice (read about it here and here), my mom and […]

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a Nice day with Mom

Every once in a while I start a story with “when I was in south France for a week”. And then I feel pretentious. I’m not. I don’t think so anyway. Now I’m having some self-doubt. Anyway, whatever, I really did spend a fantastic eight days in Nice once and the experience left a big […]

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french lemonade

After writing my last post, I started thinking about other travel snafus I have had to overcome. There was the time my brand new car was hit by a tour bus in DC four days before I was going to pack it up and move cross-country and one day before I was heading out of […]

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how to make lemonade

Is there anything worse, while traveling, than a flight delay? No. Although I’ve never lost my passport, I bet that really stinks. But flight delays are the worst. Especially if that delay causes you to miss your connection, that connection is the last flight out, and you are thus stuck in airport hotel limbo overnight, […]

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