The Cultural Fog

I have sooooOoOoooOOOO much I want to share with you guys about these past few months. I’m in serious overload, almost to the point that I don’t know where to start. There isn’t a day that passes without some scenario that makes me think I GOTTA TELL THE KIDS AT HOME! We’ve had some big […]

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Anything is possible.

I’ve been such a homebody this week. For good reason. This is the week I’ve looked forward to for approx the last 18 months. The week we have finally settled in to our new home. 18 months ago I had no idea where in the world, literally, that would be. Poland definitely never crossed my […]

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weekend family foray in Berlin

We now live an easy two-hour train ride from Berlin. We visited for 48 hours, as a warm up  adventure abroad. Well, it was going to be 48 hours, but then we took the train home (Polish hotel home, let me be clear) two stops in the wrong direction, navigated three local trains back to […]

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Reporting from Poland

I’m happy to report that our kids like Pierogies. Wine is cheap. We’ve successfully navigated public transit with two kids in tow. And we’re all doing really well here in Szczecin, Poland. Its been a full two weeks and I always feel like I hit my stride at the two-week mark after any transition. We’re […]

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Quebec City + the long way home

Quebec City had been on my bucket list for a long time. It always seemed a little exotic (if you could call Canada exotic) being French-speaking and having its own chateau. I was, therefore, excited when we found out we would be living within a half-day’s drive of it. We spent last Labor Day weekend […]

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